Total hip replacement (hip arthroplasty) is a surgical treatment for severe osteoarthritis of the hip for patients that have failed more conservative treatment options. Non-surgical treatment options for hip arthritis include physical therapy and exercise, weight loss if appropriate, medications or injections.  The goal of total hip replacement is to remove the damaged/osteoarthritis portions of the hip joint and replace them with implants. The individual components of a hip replacement come in many different sizes and material and the surgeon custom fits the implants to match your individual anatomy and needs. ( insert picture of arthritic hip and then side by side show the hip replacement components).

The first step to determine if you are a candidate for a total hip replacement is to seek consultation with your surgeon. The surgeon will review your medical history, x-rays, perform a physical examination of the hip and discuss non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

Hip Osteaoarthritis

Hip Replacement