The physical therapists at the Hip Preservation Institute are important members of the multidisciplinary health care team. Upon referral to physical therapy at our Rhode Island offices, each patient receives a thorough assessment of his or her impairment and the physical therapist will design an individualized physical therapy plan of care for each patient.

Our physical therapists are experienced in treating hip and pelvic impairments and work closely with the physicians at the Hip Preservation Institute.  They utilize research supported rehabilitative treatment intervention of the hip and pelvis.

Our physical therapists are also experienced in working with patients of all ages and activity levels from children to senior citizens, college or professional athletes to homemakers.  

The Hip Preservation Institute has state-of-the-art facilities conveniently located in East Providence and East Greenwich. If you have a hip or pelvic related condition that is causing discomfort or pain, we encourage you to call our offices to consider beginning a physical therapy program today.  To make a physical therapy appointment with one of our hip rehab specialists please call (401) 443-5000.

The Hip Preservation Institute Physical Therapy Team

Kettle Point

East Greenwich